Our factory

JAPY TECH has a 26,000 m2 production site located near Dijon, capital of the Burgundy-Franche County region, France. Our manufacturing units are divided into 3 main workshops with no less than twenty machine tools:
  • cutting, forming and producing small capacity tanks
  • medium and large capacities production
  • all equipment assembly
Our factory enables us to assemble our tanks from end to end, from the cutting of the metal sheet to the calibration test. JAPY TECH has its own Research and Development department on its Saint Apollinaire site with two thermoregulatory rooms, warehouses and offices for its commercial and administrative activities.

The highest Quality standards

Positioned as market leader thanks to our high quality products, we pay special attention to each of our products in accordance with the standards of reference. We are also regularly the force of proposal in terms of changing standards.

R&D Department

Innovation has always been an important part of JAPY TECH’s strategy. Developments such as high-thermal exchange evaporators, digitalization of orders or improved tank washing have helped to increase food safety and the quality of milk collected in Japy tanks.
Our research and development department has sharp skills on all dimensions that make a tank of good quality: stainless steel work, refrigeration condensing unit design, control electronics…
Two thermoregulated test rooms allow the qualification of all these developments and the validation of the mathematical models used in the design of the tanks.
The fruits of our research are protected by several patents, such as the agitation of milk in our silos, the analysis of cooling speed or the security of remote access.

This ensures that we meet the highest levels of customer demand and enables them to always benefit from the latest technological advances.

With all these skills, Japy has been a member of the European Farm Milk Cooler Standards Committee (EN13732) since its inception to share its experience, expertise and common sense in the development of rules for the construction, testing and security of tanks.
Our milk coolers are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN13732, which details the building rules for:
  • Food security
  • People’s safety
as well as testing methods:
  • To measure cold performance and thermal insulation
  • The quality of washing
  • The energy consumption
  • The sound level
Compliance with this standard allows CE marking through compliance with the 2006/42/EC Machine Directive.

Our refrigeration systems are in compliance with the EN378 standard, which describes the rules for construction and testing to ensure the safety of people and the environment of refrigeration equipment.

Our wash controller ICool, on the other hand, meets the EN61000-6 standard, which guarantees electromagnetic compatibility in order to avoid disturbances on other electronic equipment.

All products meet the standards set by the EN60204-1 standard for electrical safety of equipment.