Modular Chiller : Food security through instant cooling

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Refrigeration capacities available Flow rate of milk by module (depends on the temperature of milk) Remarks
8 kW Module from 8 kW to 48 kW (6x8 Kw) from 208 L/h (milk at 35°C) to 586 L/h (milk at 15°C) Power adjustable - ideal for the robots 1, 2 or several boxes
12 kW Module from 12 kW to 36 kW (3x12 Kw) from 301 L/h (milk at 35°C) to 847 L/h (milk at 15°C) Single-phase 230V version
15 kW Module from 15 kW to 90 kW (6x15 Kw) from 380 L/h (millk at 35°C) to 1,071 L/h (lait à 15°C) Versatile version
30 kW Module from 30 kW to 180 kW (6x30 Kw) from 831 L/h (milk at 35°C) to 2,341 L/h (lmilk at 15°C) Ideal for larger flows


Pre-cooling milk with spring water to:
  • Warm the water for free to animal water troughs or to a storage vessel
  • Spend less energy to cool the milk
Pre-cooling milk through a low-load plate exchanger (0.3 bar max) to avoid lipolysis.
  • High-efficiency exchanger : 1 to 2°C between milk and water
  • Food quality connection by stainless steel clamp
  • Removable interchange for easy maintenance.

Refrigeration groups

Refrigeration groups of 2 to 15 CV designed and manufactured by JAPY TECH

Refrigeration capacity from 4 to 30kW

Scroll or piston technology compressor

Double fan

Optional heat recovery via a brazed plate exchanger

Optional capotage

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