How do you wash a JAPY Tech milk cooling tank?


How do you wash a JAPY Tech milk cooling tank?

The washing of milk cooling tanks is a crucial step in the milk production process, essential for guaranteeing milk quality and safety.

At JAPY Tech, we’ve reinvented this fundamental practice with our innovative Dynamic Water Inlet (AED) technology – a world first.

Our method starts with a powerful AED, then our high-flow pump kicks in with a pre-wash to dislodge stubborn deposits, followed by a wash to ensure complete top-to-bottom cleaning with hot water and acid and/or alkaline products. Two successive rinses remove any residues of washing agents, and a final AED wastewater rinse ensures that no residues remain.

Using rotating nozzles and a high flow rate, our system guarantees thorough cleaning of every corner of the tank, ensuring optimum cleanliness every time.

The JAPY Tech washing method offers an unrivalled solution for keeping milk cooling tanks clean and hygienic, contributing to the impeccable quality of our dairy products.